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Breitling Skyracer Silver Automatic Watches A2736223.F532-PRO2

Brand: Breitling watches

Gender: Mens

Code: A2736223.F532-PRO2

Dial Color: White

CaseMaterial: Stainless Steel

DialColor: White

Movement: Automatic

Clasp: Bracelet

Case Size: 42mm

Original Price: $459.8

Now Price: $209.00

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Breitling Skyracer Silver Automatic Watches A2736223.F532-PRO2 Description :

This stunning addition to the Breitling Professional line of watches provides not only a highly accurate and relatively spare (but aesthetically beautiful) dial, but, as indicated on its solid case back, the potentially life-saving Ground-Air Visual Signal Code that can be used to convey simple messages to an overflying search aircraft, when there is no other means of communication. The five internationally recognized symbols are: Require Assistance (V), Require Medical Assistance (X), Proceeding in the Direction indicated (arrow in that direction), Yes or Affirmative (Y), and No or Negative (N). These symbols can be made on the ground by using ground materials such as rocks or ready-made V-Sheets. Survivors must ensure that the symbols are large enough to be seen by an overhead aircraft. The pilot will respond if the signal is understood by rocking the aircraft's wings during daylight or flashing the aircraft's landing lights or navigation lights ON and OFF.
Breitling watches

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